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Testimonials from Homeowners

"I saved $955 total on my first 5 electric bills. I would recommend E3 to anyone."
Archie Ryan ( Ryan/Ryan Attorney at Law )

"We are well pleased with our system and have reduced our total home electricity costs by 36.17%
David R. Linn ( Cape Coral, Fl )

"We have been more than pleased with our system. I saved well over $1000 in the past 12 months. This is beyond all expectations. The company is great to work with. I strongly recommend this system to any homeowner."
John Erskine, Jr., ( Hollywood, Fl )

"We were very pleased to see our first month's savings statement from the city. The results have exceeded our expectations and we have not had any problems with the comfort in our home and have not changed our lifestyle".
Tim Delaney, FL ( Dania Beach, Fl )

"The Energy Efficiency Experts have been saving our family 40 percent monthly on our total electric bill." Write me at

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