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Built 1991 / 1992

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On the way home from PEANUT ISLAND, the Grady White Atlantic blew a motor. All Repair Help Involved: Kevin Letize, Ted Testerman, Blaine Swieckowski, Paulie Marchan III, Jr. Erskine, Mike Grady

With a LOUD THUD after being 53 miles North of Port Everglades, going 28 knots, the PORT ENGINE just LOCKED up.

Heading back from Peanut Island ( a 53 mile trip one way ) running at top speed, BAM, the center piston wrist pin let loose and shot through the piston head of the PORT motor. Limping home, we finished our adventure with a 7.5 hour putt home...ouch.

Say goodbye Yamaha 200's, you've been great, but too thirsty for me, less than 1 mile to the gallon. YIKES, and now that one is dead, your both history.

And so the stripping begins, on the water, with Captn' Ted Testerman. BIG GUY ON RIGHT below.

The last of the fun, hogfish and lobsters will live on until I can get back after it !

Out came the batteries, then everything else !

Super nasty below everything else, once the boat was basically gutted with batteries, gauges and gaslines, next came the electric and cables running to the helm throughout the vessel.

Out came everything and onto the land, packaged and ready to go.

No more fuel pumps, Captn Ted sez " get rid of em ! "

Goodbye Yamaha oil tanks and all of the other accessories too.

Now with the boat gutted on the water, it was time for Mike Grady to help " loan " his trailer so we could pull the off the motors and get ready to REPOWER.

Off they came, one at a time, dangerous and heavy, this is no job for the weak and timid; Be prepared ~

Once they we're off and onto pallets, they we're ready to be shipped. Captn' Ted Testerman even supplied two engine plate mounts that held the steering ram off the ground so it wouldn't get damaged. Now it's time to clean. Favorite boat cleaning supply ? Clorox Clean-up with bleach. Must have used 8 gallons, but what a difference.

The Grady White Atlantic never had it so good. A full engine pull, all wires, all eletronics, full helm, and a full clean to boot. Next came the hard part. What to buy and how to rig it. Half way there mates ~

Mercury OPTIMAX 175's - 2006s DFI ( direct fuel injected ) for a great price, but they had a hiccup...so who can fix this ? Come to find out later, the lower ends we're put on backwards...ended up learning that lesson the hard way, but hey, I got the motors for a GREAT deal.

The motors went on pretty easily, but that was about the last of the easy parts...from this point until the end, it was a brutal struggle to make it work. The BINACLE went off and on 14 x ( yes FOURTEEN times ) The cables running to the motors we're either not right, too long, on the wrong side of the control box, the control box was acting backwards, one pushed, one pulled, it was a nightmare. From this point on, Captn Ted left the picture out of frustration and I had to figure out how to get it done from here. With some great advice and help from Paulie Marchan III, and Blaine Swieckowski, I was able to get " mostly " all back together. But just to be safe, I brought it up to OUTDOOR WORLD and had them throw the motors on the computers to check for diagnostics.

It all checked out ( for the most part ) and then all I had to do was get the props straighted out. That was NOT easy either as Mike Grady and I drove around one day trying to make the yamaha props fit onto the mercury motors. Should have just bought new props as the props are way too small and 3 blade. I still need to get bigger props as these motors are working WAY TOO HARD to push this heavy ship without atleast 4 blades and a better pitch.

Dropped in and ready to test, Mike Grady helped me into the water again ( after two long months of no boating ! )

Could it be true ? Am I on the water again ? Let's put it into gear and try it out...

Haleileuijah ! It's TRUE, IT'S TRUE, it can be done...for the low low price of 14K dollars. YIKES - Is it worth it folks ? HELL YES ! Back on the water and the freedom + peace of mind is worth all of it and then some. Watch out lobsters and hogfish, I'm back...SEE BELOW ~ KJ's first bug and hogfish after the REPOWER