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Built 1991 / 1992

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Questions and Answers


From Thad: "'I'd love to hear your opinions as well as any details on performance / fuel consumption with those twin 2002 strokes. I'm an avid boater and have been looking at the Pursuit 285 pretty seriously, but this seems like a good opportunity to pick up a boat configuration that I know is right in the wheelhouse of the style / size I'm looking for."


Thad - Glad to help you. As you can tell, I absolutely LOVE THIS BOAT, but...as with all boats ( it actually qualifies as a yacht ) it's got its own issues -

The original Yamaha 200 Special Blend 2 stroke outboards we're strong but thirsty for sure. The ethanol in everything is making them tempremental ~ Every trip out to sea is a minimum of 125 in cash - Strong and thirsty is all I can say about that ~

GONE NOW, replaced by Mercury 175's which for now are awesome, GREAT on gas, but a little weak out of the hole. Added Mirage + props and that seemed to make the difference. Glad to have the upgrade.

2.) Being up in the flybridge provides an unmatched view, but the up and down is annoying if you're the only one onboard - It also works in reverse. People don't climb up / down when it's rough out either - You need a good mate with a flybridge for sure.

3.) When the boat lists to either side with a large crowd onboard, it really leans far to one side or the other - Especially in the flybridge. The trim tabs will level it off, but you are way over until then ! And if someone tries to compensate after the trim tabs are set, its a never ending battle -

4.) The pursuit 285 is a great boat and unless you have to have the flybridge with full cabin and head - Between the view and the head for the wife, I couldn't find something more suitable than that - if you like the freedom of convertibles or motorcycles, this is your boat.

5.) Lastly, the boat is basically a convertible car with a soft roof so if the weather is horrible, everyone's inside nice and dry except you, the crazy rain soaked captain -

-How does the boat perform out in the ocean?

Fantastic, as all Grady White's do. The rougher, the better.

Is the hull 'tippy' at all due to the flybridge configuration?

For the novice, yes; If you know how to use the TRIM TABS, you'll be more than fine.

Is the hull stable at stand still or is it 'tippy'?


-How big is the V birth?

Can handle a family of 4 tight, family of three no problem. Approx 8 x 12.

I am 6'1" and am having trouble finding an acceptable V birth for this size boat.

You will just barely fit in there, the clearance is 6 6"

-What engines are in your boat?

Mercury 175 Optimax 2005's w/ new controls with Mirage + props.

-What is your top speed?

34 mph without killing the motors.

-What is your cruising speed?

26-28 mph.

-What is the GPH of fuel at cruise speed?

I'm getting about 1.68 M to the gallon with the Optimax 175's -

-Does your boat have a shower? How tall is the bathroom?

yes, however bathroom is tight. Sometimes it's easier to leave the door open to the john open so I can fit in there comfortable enough. Kids and women seem to make it fine, however.

I stumbled across your site about the Atlantic series Grady's and see your boat is my friends old boat. You boat this from Dean D_____ right? I am on the hunt for a Atlantic and would have bough his if I had known he was selling. he kept such great care of this boat..good luck!

Holy cow ! The original owner ? Wow, that's awesome. I bought it from BOATMAX in City Island, NY. That's where Dean must have stored / sold it.

Ok so I did a little research just now. I am in Baltimore now but lived in NY. Dean bought the boat new and I bought a used Grady Sea Farer. My father was the dock master where we kept our boats and just told me this.. Dean sold the boat to a guy in City Island. I guess that guy only had the boat a short time and sold it to you. Dean is a neat freak. He is a plumber by trade and knows how to maintain things...I wish I was still in NY when he sold it..haha. You have a awesome boat! I am sure he will be happy to know its being adored! i will pass your site off to him! have fun! The D & D comes from his wifes name starting with a D too..

Super great contribution. Love the history, keep it coming.

I just read your site and the story of the Grady White on it's maiden trip with the new owner. The boat, D and D Fish Tales is a great boat. I ran the marina on the Hudson River in Piermont, NY where the boat was kept. The owner took very good care of that boat. Made many trips to Long Island and the Jersey Shore to go fishing. He never had one problem with that boat. The next time I see him, I am going to give him your site so he can read the story. I am sure he will be happy to know anther person is going to enjoy a great boat. Don C----

What kind of wood did Grady White use in their hulls ? Primarily the bow pulpit ?

Grady White used a douglas-fir wood vs. high-density foam