• What Does the E3 Team Really Do ?
  • Are you building or are you just trying to save some $$ ?
  • Begin by asking yourself these three (3) questions:
    1. Do I want to build /remodel GREEN and try to do my part ?
    2. Where is my home/dwelling is wasting electric?
    3. Do I care about the planet and our future or keep gluttonizing ?
    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on.

    The first chart (chart A) demonstrates your guaranteed savings. This dramatic drop in your power bill does not mean using less electricity.
  • It means running your home/dwelling more efficiently.
  • After setting up an appointment, e3 will diagonse your home/ dwelling / business in about 1 - 2 hours and give you ( the resident/owner) your e3 energy efficiency rating (E.E.R) - Based on a Scale from 1-10 utilizing your last 2 FPL bills vs size/current billing. e3 then provides you with a list of the MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS you can start saving energy - ( from highest investment /vs return ) You can keep the EER and save it for future use or use your EER and apply your cost elavuation towards your energy upgrade.
  • RB MAX radiant barrier alone will lower your electric bill by $10-15 - FOREVER !
  • E3 does water heater upgrades : How about a waterheater jacket ? - RB MAX thermal jacket - This alone will lower your electric bill by $2-5 - FOREVER ! Thow on a "little gray box" that puts your water heater on a timer and zap - your electric bill drops another $25 per month !
  • Hate the door being left open and all the air running out ? Check out e3's doormaster - Never worry about this problem again !
  • e3 will offer you a list of upgrades that will work for you today and forever -
    Your home/efficiency rating is smart for new home buyers/sellers too!
  • Email us at: kevin@e3fla.com or call 954.608.4228


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