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- Mini Lobster Season 2012 -

ITINERARY NINE : Travel date: 07.25.12

Passengers: Kevin Letize,Papa John, Brandon, Ricky, Ray and Dave

LOG NINE: Up at 4:00 am, leaving the dock, out with Brandon and his crew; Papa John and I left our dock after loading up at Brandon's. Super Early.

Papa John Early Morning Beer VIDEO

Originally two divers at first, Brandon and his friend Ray, ( Ray had a tank, Brandon had a Brownie Third Lung ) went to work first. Then Kevin went solo for the next run. The rookies ( Ricky and Dave ) gave it a shot but we're too green to make it work. Papa John was alright but didn't have enough weight belt so the three of us ( Brandon, Ray and I ) did all the work.


We caught about 22 lobsters that day ( 12 per person is the limit in Broward County ) so we could have caught 72, but with the rookies on board, we did what we could; It was a great trip and we'll do it again next year