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Built 1991 / 1992

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- Hello Grady White Atlantic 260 Fan -

If you are visiting this site in search of information on the Grady White Atlantic, you've found the spot !

The Grady White Atlantic is an outboard flybridge built back in 1991 and 1992 only.

Grady White only made 61 of these 26' 11" models and retailed originally for $78,000 in 1992.

Due to the extensive costs required to built such a stable flybridge, Grady White Atlantic scraped the plans after only two years, citing lack of unit sales.

Grady White fans across the nation always stop and ask, "Is that really a Grady White?" And the answer always is, " Why yes, it is. " Then they say, " In all my days, I've never seen a Grady White flybridge before."

My response always is, "Well now you have " and now you have too !

Here's my website tribute to such a great vessel. I have found approximately 35 throughout the planet - Got one ? Know of one ? Love to have some pics etc...

Thanks for viewing my GRADY WHITE ATLANTIC website page.

For all of you Grady White sailfish owners out there, yes, this is the one you're DREAMING about - ! -

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