About Our Company & Record of Accomplishments:
Energy Efficiency Experts (E3) is a South Florida based CONSTRUCTION company that has proudly been helping homeowners and businesses expand / remodel / and control their purchase of electricity at substantial discounts since 2005, while still providing the remodel / addition you want -

E3 constructs homes / additions / remodels using the highest possible standards utilizing technology, environmentally friendly products, and BUILD GREEN ! Bathrooms, using low flush technology, low voltage lighting...everywhere you upgrade, we can make it green ! What ideas do you have ? How bout solar roof vents or solar gable vents ? How bout a sistern for water or even LED outdoor lights that use 1/1000 of the power regular lighting uses... Our business customers include: restaurants, office buildings, medical offices, bars, concerned homeowners, and even city commissioners. Homeowners and businesses are saving thousands of dollars annually and managing their buildings better and easier.

Radiant barrier is a huge relief from the florida sun - AC systems always needs to be checked for leaks. How bout that old water heater or it not being wrapped in a thermal jacket? Doors being left open? Add a RYOBI door close system. E3 - offers so many options to lower your electric bill, how could you not invest a little to save alot ? We construct to save you forever !

Why is your FPL bill so high? My electric bill keeps going up and up and up -

Guess what, your A/C is not doing it's job - Your house is not sealed properly- Where's the solar ? How bout a wind turbine ? Timers ?

CONSTRUCTION is S. Fla doesn't have to be done in the same manner anymore - Finally someone is looking out for you and the planet at once - Why isn't this MANDATORY ?

Please call e3 for an appointment. 954.608.4228 - Kevin Letize ( CGC )Email us at: kevin@e3fla.com for all your questions!


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