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Built 1991 / 1992

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Cay Sal Bank w/ Captn HH Greg Awes on the SHIP ANN - OPEN TRAWLER 33

Passengers: Kevin Letize, John Erskine Jr, Greg Awes, John Kafouros


WATCH THIS VIDEO FOLKS - May 5, 2015 - Happy Cinco De Mayo - SAILORS BEWARE !!

Over to Bimini, check in at S. Cat Cay, down to Orange Cay, down to the sunken islands, then over to Damas Cay. From Damas, up to Dog Rocks and then onto a pristine secret beach. Was it tough getting onto the beach? Why doh't you ask the 10 diesel motors, the 16 outboards that I found surrounding DOG ROCKS - Wow watch out, DON'T ANCHOR too close - Imagine falling asleep, the weather switches, you come off the hook, and BAM BAM BAM it's too late, your boat has capsized or your motor is GONE - WOW ! We we're out there 4 days and saw NO-ONE ( zero, zilch, nada ) Not even 1 other boat - so be careful - THIS TRIP IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART ! No kids, no wives, no green bananas -

Great time with Captain HH Greg Awes and Captain John Kafouros; Jr Erksine was a great mate too -