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- S. Florida State Parks - John U Lloyd / Oleta

ITINERARY SEVEN : Travel date: 10.01.10

Passengers: Kevin Letize, John Erskine Jr, Papa John, Jay and Jr. Erskine + friendss

LOG SEVEN: As the seas have been rough down here in S. Florida for the last few weeks, and the ship " Gator Done " needed to be used; Unfortunately, no one was willing to go out into the 6-8 foot seas this past week, so I decided to put together a " intracoastal lunch tour."

First we decided to go check out John U Lloyd State Park ( located in Dania Beach, Florida 33004 ) - Although I've been there a million times before ( with the old Twin Vee, by land etc ) I really wanted to put the new ship Gator Done up on the sand in Whiskey Creek. This state park is gorgeous. On the way in, cruising down past Port Everglades, we passed a new BATTLE CARRIER and snapped some shots.

This thing, with it's HUGE GUN turret on the front was basically a UNREAL pirate ship destroyer. We decided to first stop at John U Lloyd State Park, head into Whiskey Creek and put the vessel up onto the sandy creek.

Once inside John U Lloyd, you could see why it's so popular. On the inside of the intracoastal was a small creek for the boaters to anchor up ( or beach ) - You could unload, swim in the creek ( murky ) and do general exterior maintenance on your ship. With small effort, you could walk up onto the beach, and over to the oceanside looking straight out onto the Atlantic.

Although the view was impressive, I really enjoyed being on the inside with my ship. I was able to see her from all sorts of angles while the boys ( and friends ) sat back and enjoyed a few cold ones.

With an hour to burn, we decided to float down the intracoastal and check out Oleta State Park ( N. Miami Beach ) and stop by the local FISH HOUSE for quick bite to eat ( top pic ) - Please visit link below for more info on this park. http://www.floridastateparks.org/oletariver/

The Blue Marlin Fish House has been at this location in one form or another for decades, but in the past twenty years or so the state built a new park building, with restrooms and a visitor information center.   The entrance is about 250 yards east of South Dixie Highway (US-1) on the south side of State Road 826 (NE 163rd Street).

Although it was not the cheapest SMOKED FISH I've bought, it was some of the MOST DELICIOUS ever - A+ to all of the varieties and tasty assortment of dips and sauces. It was a little tough tieing up to the shallow SUPER shallow waters, but it was worth it, once we landed.

We had our lunch, grabbed a few more cold brewskis, and hit the GRADY WHITE ATLANTIC ~ Heading North up the intracoastal waterway from N. Miami, back to Ft. Lauderdale, I knew we had another GREAT GRADY ADVENTURE -