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Built 1991 / 1992

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From the pool, the kids practice holding her breath


( Turn off seagulls and ocean waves please )

- Kids See the Reef for the first time-

ITINERARY Six : Travel date: 09.11.10

Passengers: Kevin Letize, Jr. Erskine, Courtney Erskine, Shawn Barnhardt, Rylie Barnhardt, Lenny ( Flanders )



LOG SIX ( 9.11.10) :

On the way out to check out the reef with the kiddies, we saw a MILITARY battle ship ( Stealth ) inside Port Everglades ! Boy was it neat - It was hidden back from view but we still took a quick snap !

Here's Cami Letize in her first underwater adventure, using her snorkel and mask being pulled with the rope. It was fun; The girls we're scared at first but got into it ! They never went down too far, but watched from the surface for hours...

A seabed.

Some cool reef rish.

The monster ledge where all the LOBSTER we're hiding out ! ( Don't ask, I'll never tell )

Here's a shot of the Dania Beach Pier artificial PILING reef. It runs perpendicular to the beach. No bugs, just a bunch of fish -

The kids had a great time. So did the Captain ( Dad ) and the other's onboard. Here's a quick vid of the prop spinning ( only one as the kids and others we're hanging onto the rope from the starboard side )












One prop- Always be EXTRA careful when little one's are involved.