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Built 1991 / 1992

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( Turn off seagulls and ocean waves please )

- Naming the vessel: Gator Done -

ITINERARY Four: Travel date: 04.17.10

Passengers: Kevin Letize, Mike Grady

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As I was going over my new GRADY WHITE ATLANTIC with a fine - toothed comb, checking every nook and cranny of expertise engineering by GRADY WHITE, I noticed a major problem. I had a thru-hull fitting that was bad; An obvious location for sea water to enter the vessel completely unnoticed by the average boater. The plastic nut on the back of the thru-hull fitting had busted ( a very common problem for those older octagon plastic nuts )

Having no trailer, I decided I needed to fix this problem pretty quick, along with a small laundry list of other miscellaneous repairs, with the boat out of the water. Lastly, I was sick of seeing D & D's Fish Tales on the side of my new boat.

A fellow grady white owner, Mike Grady from Dania Beach ( local retired fireman ) had noticed the Grady White Atlantic behind the house and stopped to chat one day about how great it was to be a Grady White owner; I obviously agreed! Mike Grady owns a Grady White Sailfish 26 1996, and it's in great shape. But more important, Mike mentioned, " Hey, if you ever need to pull your boat out, I'd be glad to help...my trailer is set-up exactly for the same hull as yours so it really would be no problems. " How could I say no ?

So I called Mike Grady and asked, " Can I borrow your trailer ? " and of course, he was more than happy to oblige. So, off we went down to the boat ramp...I drove the GWA, and he drove his SUBURBAN down to the boat ramp ( Griffin Rd / 30th st ) with the trailer hooked up. I easily landed the vessel dead center on the trailer and Mike immediately hooked up the winch strap and snugged the boat onto the trailer. Mike hopped into the suburban, dropped it into 4 wheel drive, and easily pulled the Grady White Atlantic right out of the water !

The boat was much bigger out of the water than in it. From pulpit to engine back tip, was 31+ feet long, yet the boat is called a 26 ! Mike dropped off the vessel in my driveway and headed quickly back to his home ( he lost his wallet and was mildly freaking out...)

I spent the next week doing a full rebuild on her. First things first. Take off D & D's Fish Tales and get that hull cleaned up.

It was my first time waxing and buffing a hull, so I was unsure what to do, but after 5 days of buffing ( my shoulders we're killing me ) I figured it out. INSULATOR WAX is the greatest wax of them all...and it's the final coat - What a product.

I replaced the thru-hull fitting with a brass one and 5200 ( Marine Adhesive ) the fitting back through the side, perfect. I ran the IPOD wire up the main wire harness console ( instead of the temporary OUT THE WINDOW trick ) right to the helm area. I added an inverter on-board incase anyone needs temporary A/C power. I cleaned out the bottom float valve area ( nasty ) with bleach and a good scrubber and that got rid of most of the cabin funk.

I had my mate, John Jr. Erskine, add the logos to the side of the boat ( he tints windows for a living ) so he was really good with adhesive products.

We added the Grady White Atlantic triangle on top to make the boat match.

We finished up all the logo work and gave her the final waxing.

I took off the outriggers ( always we're getting in the way, up / down etc ) and placed them out back so when I need them, I can load them in.

I finally finished off the motor bottom skegs with some black paint I had in the garage as they we're looking a little rough.

I called Mike Grady after 6 days and said, " Hey man...I'm ready." Within 1 hour, Mike was dropping the Grady White Atlantic back in the water. With a quick turn of the keys, VOOM, off I went, back down the canal towards her new home. As a token of appreciation, I tried to give Grady Mike some cash, but he wouldn't take it. He did however, appreciate the new Grady White T-Shirt I bought for him ( and one for myself ! ) on-line.

GATOR DONE was born. It's my new vessel now, thank you D & D's fish tales.