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Built 1991 / 1992

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- Grady White Atlantic Easter Fishing -

ITINERARY Three: Travel date: 04.04.10

Passengers: Kevin Letize, John Erskine Sr, John Erskine Jr, Dan O, Jo Jo Randazzo

LOG THREE: It was Easter Sunday and all of the festivities we're pretty much over. We ate everything...Chicken Brusholi, Italian Sausage, Meatballs, Stuffed Manicotti, eggplant parm, salads, desserts, etc ( all courtesy of Angela Erskine and her mother Grandma Anne ) and we we're ready to get away from the wives and kids. I casually mentioned to my #1 MATE John Erskine Jr. that I had a freezer full of bait and could drop the Grady White Atlantic into the water in a moment's notice. Without furthur adeiu, all of the guys surrounding the feasted devastation looked up, smiled, and all started packing. It was about 4pm and we we're about 1 hour out from the vessel. The ice maker was on from the previous night ( small TIKI party - see TRIP #2 for pics...) and all that was missing was loading the Grady White Atlantic and fueling her up. This boat drinks so much gas that truly this boat is barely affordable in today's economic crisis. After ponying up about $120 between us ( including a few 5 gallon gas tanks hand delivered ) we we're about ready to push off at 5:30pm - The sun stayed up until 7:45 this evening and we had enough time to make it out.

The seas we're on exactly calm that evening, and we first went out to the BOUYS to catch some liveys. The red bouy was cold after 3 passes so we decided to try the green bouy just outside Port Everglades. Within minutes we hooked up with some liveys ! Blue runners, general bait fish, and we're getting excited. We went down to the reef balls and tied off, trying to chum up some more bait fish for the evening fish excursion. But where's the chum bag ? We had chum...but no bag ? Where's the damn chum bag. RULE #4: Make sure there is an inventory CHECKLIST before each specific adventure. FISHING LIST, CAMPING LIST, DIVING LIST etc. Super Mate Jr. Erskine first tried a PUBLIX plastic bag chum bag. NO GOOD. Out came the chum and drifted away from us. We had to untie from the bouy, and retrieve the CHUM. Not exactly easy as the chum was barely floating and breaking apart rapidly. The only good news was that there we're bait fish swarming the area so it was easy to track as it quickly headed south. After retrieval, we decided to leave the CHUM all the way back inside the boat transom well ( outside of the transom door where the motors bolt to the back ) and allow the water to wash in / out and send the chum out. This was not too effective, however it works for the time being. The seas we're picking up as the sunset, and we decided to fire off some quick pics ( with the phone ) and head out to some wrecks.

We soon started smiling and had a good amount of liveys in the baitwell ( which was working just fine for it's first time ever as a baitwell and NOT as a cooler ! ) The sunset dropped quickly over the horizon line and we headed out.

This is where the trip started going south. At first we tried to drop to the bottom but the current was ripping, and I mean ripping to the south. As soon as we got the "liveys" in and down towards the bottom, the lines we're a mile out from the boat. We swung to the south, back to the north, and tried some DEEP spots ( 150 ft ) - TOO DEEP. We went into 100 ft and tried it there, but the same results, nothing but our baits far, far away from the boat ( and not making it to the bottom. ) We soon moved into 65 ft of water, and once again, lot's of CAPTAINS on the boat. " MOVE IN, MOVE OUT, BIGGER WEIGHTS, SMALLER WEIGHTS, DRIFT FISH, ANCHOR UP, FIND THIS SPOT, TRY THAT SPOT...blah blah blah. Soon I was frustrated and starting listening to everyone and that's the next lesson. CAPTAIN'S NOTE #5: Stick to your guns, don't get frustrated. MATE Jr. decided he should take a shot at the helm ( which for the most part from experience is not always a good idea... ) and tried a few more unsuccessful attempts. 25ft was too close and we couldn't find the Ft. Lauderdale reef balls in pitch black with rough seas. The seas we're now at 3-5 ft and Papa John Erskine was done. Asleep for the last hour, he woke and yelled out, " THAT'S IT. NO MORE FISHING. YOU CAN'T CATCH FISH IN A BARREL ! TAKE ME HOME. " I drifted out over the Jay Scuti one last time with my new radar and WHAM, low and behold, there it was at the bottom! I found it. I hit it once more on the gps so I knew for sure I had it. The radar lit up. Clear as day, the LORANCE had found it perfect. I marked the spot ( 003 Scuti ) and headed in for the night. The waves we're going in the same direction as we we're back to Port Everglades...as we pulled into the Port, the SeaTow was sitting there waiting...hello SeaTow....not tonite.