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Built 1991 / 1992

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- Grady White Atlantic Man Overboard -

ITINERARY TWO: Travel date: 3.27.10

Passengers: Kevin Letize, John Erskine Jr, Blaine Swieckowski, John Becker, Fulvio , Larry

LOG TWO: Late in the afternoon, after spending the day under the TIKI HUT, I decided to go visit my friend John Becker at his residence about 2 nautical miles from my home. His street was torn up from construction so I decided, hey why not take the boat ? My friend and great MATE, John Erskine Jr. was riding shotgun again and we thought, yeah, let's float over there, its so much easier than driving down through all that construction. An easy float, idle speed the entire time, we pulled into John Becker's canal and down to his house. John Becker had his boat in the water and also his run around 13 ft. aluminum john boat hanging up as well so I had to dock next door and walk over. The only problem was that John's neighbor was John's father-in-law and I had a BAD EXPERIENCE with this man ( David St. Clair - Dania Beach ) over a bad business deal gone wrong. John was having a small party for his daughter Katie-Bug Becker and my daughter and son along with the wife, we're all there. As the guys all hung out away from the kiddie party, we started drinking beers, doing shots and just general rough-housing. As the sun set, we decided to push off ( a little more sober now ) and head back home. John Jr. and I headed back to my dock, and tied off. Everything was still copacetic at this time. My friend Blaine Swieckowski ( who was fishing all day in a fishing tournament and placed 3rd with 3 sailfish ) stopped over and was just filling me in on the tourney. Jr had to run off and get his daughter home, but quickly returned. As we pushed off, we decided we we're going to go down to the intracoastal and stop in for a late night burger and fries. About 1nm heading east, we get a call from the John Becker party. The boy's club was still there and they we're D-RUNK. I knew better than to let a bunch of drunken salty pirates on board, but for some reason, I went ahead and spun it around and got em' on the ship. CAPTN NOTE #2: Never mix drunk friends with more drunk friends who don't know each other on board. So off we went, into the night, with me driving away from the flybridge. As I'm driving up top, about 1 hour into the trip, I hear Blaine telling John Becker to calm down and basically shut up as John Becker is smashed and talking tough. Fulvio I guess was on the short end of the stick and on the receving end of John Becker's trash talking. Blaine decided he had enough and told John to stop the jabbing. John immediately said to Blaine to stay out of it and mind his own business or John was going to start giving him some grief. As John asked Blaine if he was " ready to go ? " Blaine immediately stood up and knocked John Becker OVERBOARD !

With John in the water, us floating away at a rapid rate, I knew this was not a good situation. I politely told Blaine that he needed to get off the boat now, take Fulvio with him, and then we could fish John up out of the water. Blaine and Fulvio got off the boat and onto someone's seawall. We then went back to the rocky area, and pulled John Becker up out of the water, who was smiling from ear to ear. I said, " What the hell happened ? " and John just started laughing and said, " I got pushed into the drink! " No fight, no upset moments, nothing. He just sat there and smiled all the way back. Once we got back to John Becker's house, Johns wife, Mary Becker came out of the house, and yelled, " What happened ? " We pushed John off the boat ( and onto land this time! - with Larry ) and told Mary, John will tell you and immediately shoved off. MATE Jr. and I quickly headed by to my dock, where we tied off and promptly called it a night. The following morning, I woke up, went out and checked the boat. Just as I suspected, the boat was TRASHED. 3 hours later, after emptying the vessel of 1 million cans / bottles / food / wet clothes, I learned a valuable captian's lesson.

CAPTN NOTE #3: Trashed people on board makes for a trashed vessel that only the Captain cleans up. Once.