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Built 1991 / 1992

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- Grand Bahamas May 2013-

ITINERARY TEN : Travel date: 05.05.13

Passengers: Kevin Letize, Paul Marchan III, Blaine Swieckowski, Evan Diamente

GRAND BAHAMA - Sands Kay, Woods Kay, and Zombie Island


-Pictures and videos below -

LOG TEN: It's another year to cross the GULF STREAM and head to the Islands again. Forget Bimini, we're going to Grand Bahamas! With some early prep work, Pauli Marchan comes up a week early to change out the impellers. It's a good thing as they we're shot - PM never leaves the dock without prior thorough prep work, which he is very critical of making happen. He personally drove up from Key West one week early just to make sure we we're prepped. As it turns out...we had a minor set back. I decided to drive the boat up in the ROCKS !!

Take a look at this, it was ready to go !

Being precautious, we make the " Dania Beach Loop " just to test the new lower units.

Robert Kersheskian aka " Bobarattzi " shoots some killer footage with his HERO CAM

But the Captain get's too happy and runs the boat up into the rocks right after this beutiful shot -

Guess who gets to " GRIND FIBERGLASS ?" Me, the Captain due to my idiotic driving skills - NOT THRILLED

That's it, we've had enough, LET'S GO !!

Half way across - Holy cow ~ 80 mile trip, 40 miles to go

Customs Officeand gas at the West End; Red building is gas, blue building is Customs -

Check in with Customs at Old Bahama Bay - There's gas, a bathouse, customs and the locals who can get you RUM ~ From here we'll go say hi to PAM at the Blue Marlin Cove -

Blue Marlin is pretty damn impressive...all you gotta do is get there...LOL

Wow, a small uninhabitated Island all by istelf - PERFECT !

Let's have some Conch, some lobster and some fun -

It's morning, time to go...or are we ?

Tides going out and we can't get the port motor started...no click, no nothing - no click, nothing - DEAD

ZOMBIE ISLAND - NO YOU ARE NOT LEAVING - sorry - 24 hours trapped on the island - GOOD LUCK -

Evan says have more conch;

Here's the full pan - Wow, pretty amazing - Next morning - FULL FIRE UP ( jumped the cellenoid ! )

Feeling fine on the way back; Really, really, really RUM, really fine - DAMN IT MAN, time to check in -

Became a local boater option by applying and now I don't have to check back in when I return - YES !! After that one thing left, FIX THE CELLENOID.